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MULBERRY, Broussonetia papyrifera. Mulberries are swift-growing when young, but soon become slow-growing and rarely exceed 10-15 m (33-49 ft) tall. The leaves are alternately arranged, simple, often lobed, more often lobed on juvenile shoots than on mature trees, and serrated on the margin. Depending on the species, they can be monoecious or dioecious. [3] The
MULBERRY fruit is a multiple fruit, 2-3 cm (0.79-1.2 in) long. Immature fruits are white, green, or pale yellow. In most species, the fruits turn pink and then red while ripening, then dark purple or black , and have a sweet flavor when fully ripe. The fruits of the white-fruited cultivar are white when ripe; the fruit in this cultivar is also sweet but has a very mild flavor compared with the darker variety. Contents 1 Species 2 Uses and cultivation 2.1 Silk industry 2.2 Anthocyanins from
MULBERRY fruit 3 In popular culture 4 Gallery 5 References 6 External links Species Long
MULBERRY Unripe white mulberries The taxonomy of Morus is complex and disputed. Over 150 species names have been published, and although differing sources may cite different selections of accepted names, only 10-16 are generally cited as being accepted by the vast majority of botanical authorities. Morus classification is even further complicated by widespread hybridisation, wherein the hybrids are fertile. The following species are generally accepted: Morus alba L. - White
MULBERRY (E Asia) Morus australis Poir. - Chinese
MULBERRY (SE Asia) Morus celtidifolia Kunth (Mexico) Morus insignis (S America) Morus mesozygia Stapf - African
MULBERRY (S and C Africa) Morus microphylla - Texas
MULBERRY (Mexico, Texas (USA)) Morus nigra L. - Black
MULBERRY (SW Asia) Morus rubra L. - Red
MULBERRY (E N America) The following, all from eastern and southern Asia, are additionally accepted by one or more taxonomic lists or studies; synonymy, as given by other lists or studies, is indicated in square brackets: Morus atropurpurea [M. alba var. Alba] Morus bombycis [M. australis] Morus cathayana Morus indica [M. alba] Morus japonica [M. alba] Morus kagayamae [M. australis] Morus laevigata [M. alba var. Laevigata; M. macroura] Morus latifolia [M. alba] Morus liboensis Morus macroura [M. Morus multicaulis [M. alba var. Multicaulis] Morus notabilis Morus rotundiloba Morus Morus trilobata [M. australis var. Trilobata] Morus wittiorum

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