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MULBERRY fruit in Libya The ripe fruit is edible and is widely used in pies, tarts, wines, cordials and tea. The fruit of the black
MULBERRY, native to southwest Asia, and the red
MULBERRY, native to eastern North America, have the strongest flavor, described as 'like fireworks in your mouth'. [4] The fruit of the white
MULBERRY, an east Asian species which is extensively naturalized in urban regions of eastern North America, has a different flavor, sometimes characterized as refreshing and a little tart, with a bit of gumminess to it and a hint of vanilla. [5] [6] In North America the white
MULBERRY is considered an invasive exotic and has taken over extensive tracts from native plant species, including the red
MULBERRY. [7] The mature plant contains significant amounts of resveratrol, particularly in stem bark. [8] The fruit and leaves are sold in various forms as nutritional supplements. Unripe fruit and green parts of the plant have a white sap that may be toxic, stimulating, or mildly hallucinogenic. [9] Black, red, and white
MULBERRY are widespread in southern Europe, the Middle East, northern Africa and Indian Subcontinent where the tree and the fruit have names under regional dialects. Jams and sherbets are often made from the fruit in this region. Black
MULBERRY was imported to Britain in the 17th century in the hope that it would be useful in the cultivation of silkworms. It was much used in folk medicine, especially in the treatment of ringworm. Mulberries are also widespread in Greece, particularly in the Peloponnese, which in the Middle Ages was known as Morea (Greek:, Morias), deriving from the Greek word for the tree (Greek:uria). Mulberries can be grown from seed, and this is often advised as seedling-grown trees are generally of better shape and health, but they are most often planted from large cuttings which root readily. The
MULBERRY plants which are allowed to grow tall with a crown height of 5-6 feet from ground level and a stem girth of 4-5 inches or more is called tree Current Molecular Medicine 3 (2): 149-59. Doi: 10.2174/1566524033361555. PMID 12630561. ^ Liu X, Xiao G, Chen W, Xu Y, Wu J (2004). "Quantification and Purification of
MULBERRY Anthocyanins with Macroporous Resins". Journal of Biomedicine & Biotechnology 2004 (5): 326-331. Doi: 10.1155/S1110724304403052 . PMC 1082888. PMID 15577197. ^ its That's why

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