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MULBERRY selling their bags for £1k+. A firm favourite of the fashion pack,
MULBERRY creates understated yet covetable designs with a very British sense of craftsmanship. Whether you choose a chic clutch, stylish wallet or the iconic Bayswater,
MULBERRY bags are modern classics.Sorry about the slow reply. Ive kept a low profile here for a while, as nothing has happened really. Anyway, I dont agree that spilling the brand is a good idea. Im happy with
MULBERRY as one company, operating as one brand. My problem is purely that you see way too many
MULBERRY bags about. I know it sounds horrible, but do
MULBERRY really want the kind of customer who saves up £50 a month for a year, to then go and buy a bag in the Selfridges 20% off Xmas pre event? Personally, Id say no. If you have to save up so much for something so every day as a bag, then IMO, you cant really afford it. Radley customers do that, only its £20 a month. If
MULBERRY want to truly crack the upper echelons of hangbags, and I think they will, they need to be more exclusive, which means less people owning one. The only way to do that is to make them less accessible, and the only real way to do that, is to put prices up. So whilst the dual label thing isnt for me, Im 100% a big fan of having 'cheap' Mulberries for about £750 minimum, premium ones for £1500, and then the luxury range costing £4k+. They do that already to a degree, but they so need to ditch the Antony, Dorset, and all the other £400 ones. They devalue the brand, big time. I get it early on, when you're building. At this stage of the game, they need to go. Emma Hill can crawl to Burberry or wherever shes going, and her next/last range will be massive, but after that, its full steam ahead for the
MULBERRY revolution. Prices up 20%, numbers down down 15%. Easy maths. I notice that the new Bayswater Double Zip has a more European feel to it. Very high quality, very thick leather, and a quality lining too. A far cry from the original iconic Bayswater, with no lining and soft plyable leather. But then the Double Zip is £1500..... as a premium bag should be. They are not bags. They are status symbols. I have a record bag, or my manbag as the lads rib me for. I got it from Cheshire Oaks outlet a few years ago, and its still in tip top condition. I paid £275 for it. A girlIs that a
MULBERRY? . You said it yourself " and not have their

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