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MULBERRY and many reborn as a classic old brand , since 2000 , after the injection of new investment , rapid transformation of the brand , even in September 2004 won the British Fashion Council awarded " Best Accessory Designer 2004 " , the brand is a quite sure . In recent years most well-known popular package shall , except with the Herm Birkin echoes the shape of Bayswater , there are fashionable and functional full Roxanne, each one is expensive and the small number of charter flights hit rate is very low . 2012 worship celebrities wearing effect of the gift , from the United Kingdom can be said that a hundred years old
MULBERRY hot in Taiwan there are many ladies carrying its debut in Europe 's love is endless number with a supermodel , top supermodel Kate Moss is its famous models Bayswater loyal supporters. UK's top brand , established since the early 1970s , has been the most innovative British avant-garde style of senior leather. In 2000 as a designer appointed Nicholas Knightly , the more establish its elegant , high-quality brand image, and popular international market in the short term , the United States , Asia, business is booming . From the UK
MULBERRY) has always been a very favorite celebrity fashion brands, Hollywood superstars such as Kate Moss , Tom Hanks , Liv Tyler , Scarlett Jonsson , Lin Sha -Lu Sean , Mick Jagger and others , as well as Britain's most fire IT GirlAlexa Chung is
MULBERRY) of the faithful who love to use . 3 Designers In 2004, Nicholas Knightley (Nicholas Knightly) leaving Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY), to assume office in LV senior positions . 2005 , took a step Baorui (
MULBERRY) is the designer Stuart Weiwo Si (Stuart Vevers), the young but talented Englishman as Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) has brought new splendor , Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY ) from bags, accessories, to fashion , all with great success. 2006 , also won the British Fashion Council awarded the " accessories design " award (Accessory Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Design awards). In 2007 , the success of Stuart Weiwo Si (Stuart Vevers) and his predecessor Nicholas Knightley (Nicholas Knightly) as was poached LVMH Group , visit the group's brand Lowe (Loewe) to his new post . December 2007 , took a step Baorui (
MULBERRY) is a British designer designer Emma . tree in some of his paintings
MULBERRY Morus love anything

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