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MULBERRY Alexa bags, zebra print new
MULBERRY Bayswater bag ...... fresh interpretation of the classic style , at the Friends of
MULBERRY) home fans is not love turned ? ! How to match ? Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) is the UK's top brand , established since the early 1970s , has been the UK's most innovative avant-garde senior leather. In 2000, Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) appointed Nicholas ? Knightley (Nicholas Knightly) as a designer , the more establish its elegant , high-quality brand image, and popular international market in the short term , the United States , Asia, business is booming . Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) leather bag ,'s essence. Dress is still the focus of the series , into pastel prints, perforated metal , zippers, decorative roses and variegated quilting , bringing together vintage and modern style. Other designs such as the British embroidery, quilted fabric and detail , for the spring to add soft texture. Men's accessories with simple, monochrome mainly cater to different styles. Denim and silver accessories continue to be focused, to iron knights inspired Warren series, oversized denim Piccadilly and white leather Justin Holdall bag with Bailey , the theme of this season sport and luxury perfect match . Men's series brings you the feeling of spring , fabrics are all neutral colors , rich texture , cut simple fashion . Jumpsuit menswear collection is the focus slip light material so that pattern is not buried pale , clean lines in both the changing face of style , complex and intertwined simple , classic and avant-garde flair , full of personality and can not define the performance but the introduction of a mysterious woman loved a good impression . Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) products are original development , handmade, workmanship is very fine and delicate . Fashionable , selected materials , stylish and durable , so many famous models , IT Girl is Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) loyal FANS. Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) brand founder Roger Saul, since 1970 in the Somerset countryside to create Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) leather kingdom , they put the time preserved the spirit of space-time background , and leather goods of genuine materials and original appearance is attractive for Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) in Europe and an important factor in red . Mai Bao Rui bear in mind their main market is still in the UK. in work said to me British-ness.

mulberry bags outlet

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