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MULBERRY this last century, British veteran , and most historic boutique brands, has been into the low tide, but since 2000 , after the injection of new investment , so Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) brand rapid transformation , more in September 2004 won the " British Fashion Council " (British Fashion Council) awarded the " annual best Accessories design Award " (Best Accessory Designer 2004), the brand is a quite sure . Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) brand by younger, more pockets , more buckles, rivets and more , combined with aesthetic and practical design , once again swept the globe. Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) specializes in leather products, from the south-west of England craftsmanship division within the factory building , combined with practical, original and leather touch, ingenuity and creative design , beautiful style , to classic antique style. Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) bags thick and strong smell of leather, extensive use of metal rivets , and buckle, the old copper of metal parts , it can not help but think of the medieval period in Europe , a little simple, innocent dream castle with knights this is shoddy imitations can not imitate legend. Since special attention to materials, so the same Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY) package money in different leather production , showing a flavor are not the same , such as exotic Congo leather , rough Scotchgrain leather and high-quality fine English Matt glove leather, durability of course , regardless of distinction of any kind , but with different dye , from which anyone can find the most suited to their pigment , as if tailor-made general , so many fashionable men and women is difficult to resist its charm .
MULBERRY founder Roger Saul, since 1970 in the Somerset countryside
MULBERRY leather to create the Kingdom , they put the time preserved the spirit of space-time background , and leather goods of genuine materials and appearance of originality is even more attractive for
MULBERRY meteoric rise to one important factor .
MULBERRY fruits into their red stained color to honor the forbidden love. Gallery Clusters (inflorescences) of unopened female flower buds. Morus nigra male flowers. Female flowers clusters. , notably "
MULBERRY Tree. Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide. The Ohio State University. Retrieved 20 October 2012. ^ the
MULBERRY Institute serrata Himalayan and

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