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MULBERRY has brought new splendor , Mai Bao Rui (
MULBERRY ) from bags, accessories, to fashion , all with great success. 2006 , also won the British Fashion Council awarded the " accessories design " award (Accessory Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Design awards). In 2007, the success of Stuart Weiwo Si (Stuart Vevers) and his predecessor Nicholas Knightley (Nicholas Knightly) as was poached LVMH Group , visit the group's brand Lowe (Loewe) to his new post . of metal parts , it can not help but think of the medieval period in Europe , a little simple, innocent dream castle with knights, this is shoddy secondary products can not easily imitate the legend. since 2000 , after the injection of new investment , rapid transformation of the brand , even in September 2004 won the British Fashion Council awarded " Best Accessory Designer 2004 " , the brand is a quite sure . In recent years most well-known popular package shall , except with the Herm Birkin echoes the shape of Bayswater , there are fashionable and functional full Roxanne, Since special attention to materials, so the same package money in different leather production , showing a flavor are not the same , such as exotic Congo leather , rough Scotchgrain leather, and fine quality British Matt glove leather, durability of course , without distinction of any kind, but with different dye , from which anyone can find the most suited to their pigment , as if tailor-made general , so many fashionable men and women is difficult to resist its charm . Edit this paragraph Style Introduction
MULBERRY and many reborn as a classic old brand , December 2007 , took a step Baorui (
MULBERRY) is a British designer designer Emma .
MULBERRY UK Westfield store opening Country 's top leather goods brand -
MULBERRY, has become a fashion idol of many sought after handbag brand , continues to expand its business in the UK landmarks Westfield Shopping Centre to open new stores . Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Retrieved 20 October 2012. ^ "Red
MULBERRY". Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry - USDA Forest Service. Retrieved 1 November 2011. ^ The Cloudforest Gardener ^ The Cloudforest Gardener ^, Oregon State 2012. Retrieved 20 October 2012. ^ Wrolstad RE. Linus Pauling University, 2001 [1] ^ Hou DX (March 2003). ^ "
MULBERRY silk".Uses and cultivation most . bags

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