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    Plastic Biohazard Bags

    Plastic Biohazard Bags 6x11 (Roll of 100)

    Plastic Biohazard Bags 10x11.75 (Roll of 100)

    Plastic Biohazard Bags 12x19 (Roll of 50)

    Specimen Containers (Non Sterile)

    4 oz. Specimen Containers (100/case)

    8 oz. Specimen Containers (250/case)

    16 oz. Specimen Containers (100/case)

    32 oz. Specimen Containers (100/case)

    64 oz. Specimen Containers (50/case)

    85 oz. Specimen Containers (25/case)

    165 oz. Specimen Containers (25/case)

    Specimen Containers (Sterile)

    4 oz. Specimen Containers

    Slide Mailers

    Cardboard 2-Slide Mailer

    1-Slide Plastic Mailer

    Cytology Supplies

    One-Slide Pap Smear Kit (25 Kits/Box)

    Cervical Brush 8" 100/pack (White Handle)

    Cervical Spatula: Wooden

    Carbofix Cytology Spray - twelve 4oz. btls/case

    GBS Swabs - 50/pkg each Blue

    GBS Swabs - 50/pkg each Red

    Universal Transport Medium (Red Cap) -HSV/Viral Swabs

    BD Affirm kit

    FNA Kits (30/case)

    APTIMA- Urine (Yellow Tube)

    APTIMA- Vaginal swab (Orange Tube)

    APTIMA- Endocervical Unisex (White Tube)

    Thin Prep Supplies

    Vials - 25/tray (10 trays/case)

    Cytobrush/Plastic Spatula (25 each/pkg) BASIC

    Cervical Papettes (Brooms) (25/pkg)

    SurePath Supplies

    Vials 25/tray (10 trays/case)

    Cervical Brooms (25/pkg)

    Cytobrush/Plastic Spatula (25 each/pkg) BASIC


    Green Top Pap Jar W/ALC

    Five tube Mailer

    Thin Prep Brushes & Spatula - Only

    Thin Prep Brooms - Only (PURPLE)

    Surepath Brushes & Spatula - Only

    Surepath Brooms - Only

    Prefilled Formalin, Neutral Buffered Vials

    20 ml fixative (32/box, 128/cases)

    40 ml fixative (48/case, 24 per box, 2 boxes/cases)

    60 ml fixative (54/case, 27 per box, 42 boxes/cases)

    120 ml fixative (48/case, 24 per box, 2 boxes/cases)

    240 ml fixative (24/case, 18 per box, 4 boxes/cases)

    1 Liter fixative (12/case 1000ml)

    Formalin (1 gallon each)

    Formalin (2.5 gallon each)

    Formalin (5 gallon cubitainer each)

    480 ml - (24 case)


    Cytyc Centrifuge Tubes (20/tray)

    Cytolyt 1 Liter Bottle each (4 Bottles/case)

    Cytolyt Solution Collection Cups - 30ml, 50 cups/box


    Slides - Beveled Edge (3x1x1mm) (72/box)

    Slide Cover Slips

    Urology Supplies

    Prostate Histology Kit - 12 vials (154608) 20/cs

    Prostate Histology Kit - 14 vials 20/case

    Urine Cytology / Urovysion Kit

    PCA3 kit

    24hr Urine Kit / Jug Only - U30

    Stone Kit


    Pap Hotline Cards - 100 pkg


    Bone Marrow kits (Non-Hospital)

    Tissue Transport Medium - OR RPMI - Send Email To Referral Testing

    Hematopathology Kits (Blood Kits)

    Stool Specimen Containers

    Para Pak: O & P, Giardia- gray

    Para Pak: C & S- orange


    OB/Gynecology Requisition

    Urologic Path Requisition Long or Short form

    Gastro Intestinal Requisition Long or Short form

    Surgical Pathology Requisition

    Kidney Stone Diagnostic Requisition

    Oral/Head/Neck Requisition

    Hematopathology Requisition

    Hematopathology Requisition

    Non-Gyn Cytology Requisition

    Prostate Requisition


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