AmeriPath’s extensive network of board-certified hematopathologists and geneticists provides you with the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated hematopathology services. As part of Quest Diagnostics, our laboratories routinely employ state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced flow cytometry, cytogenetics, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and next generation sequencing (NGS).

You can count on AmeriPath’s delivery of decisive and detailed diagnostics, prognostic and therapeutic information to help you provide expedited and optimal patient care.

Hematopathology Services

To help you with your unique needs and challenges as a hematologist/oncologist, AmeriPath offers a combination of industry-leading hematopathology expertise and world-class hematopathology services delivered right in your community. We ensure you always receive accurate and decisive information in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

What AmeriPath Delivers:

Quality information

You can receive accurate and definitive diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information that helps optimize your patient management program.

  • Experienced, board-certified hematopathology and genetics specialists
  • National specialized pathology network

Streamlined Bone Marrow evaluations

You will benefit from a simplified reliable process – from ordering to reporting – facilitating the provision of the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information you require.

  • Hematopathology profile options
  • Patient-specific, comprehensive assessments
  • One-page correlation reports


Expedited turnaround times enable you to quickly respond to patients’ questions and implement patient-specific treatment plans.

  • Optimized diagnostic and prognostic testing of a single specimen frequently eliminates the need for additional specimens and further testing
  • Consistently-superior turnaround times – from specimen receipt to diagnostic reporting:
    • Flow Cytometry – 1 day
    • Morphology – 2 days
    • Cytogenetics – 7 days
  • Saturday testing and reporting
  • Professional courier pickup (most areas) to eliminate overnight shipping

Efficient communications

You get patients results directly and conveniently, along with readily-available hematopathology expert consultations to help you make timely decisions.

  • Customized reports that clearly and concisely convey patient findings
  • Access to hematopathology consultations
  • Direct notification by hematopathologist to discuss critical or unexpected results

Hematopathology Expertise

AmeriPath pathologists and geneticists share numerous qualifications including:

  • Many years’ experience in hematolymphoid neoplasia evaluation and diagnosis in a variety of academic, community hospital and national reference laboratory settings
  • Fellowship training in hematopathology, and American Board of Pathology certification in hematopathology and anatomic and clinical pathology
  • Fellowship training and/or board certification in clinical cytogenetics, and/or clinical molecular genetics by the American Board of Medical Genetics
  • Academic appointments at major universities throughout the U.S.
  • Leadership and active involvement in national medical and scientific organizations
  • Active participation in clinical research and development programs

Focus: Current, Clinically-Relevant Hematopathology Issues

  • Provide medical direction to ensure optimized, accurate and integrated patient specimen assessments
  • Review, develop and approve disease-specific protocols for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic workups
  • Routinely reevaluate hematopathology product offerings to determine the needs for new tests and/or revised test methodologies
  • Utilize AmeriPath’s national consultation network for second opinions to ensure accurate and definitive diagnoses on difficult cases


  • Achieve optimal patient management planning through a state-of-the-art knowledge base and advanced diagnostic/prognostic techniques
  • Stay abreast of clinically-relevant issues through a host of consultative resources
  • Obtain information necessary to implement patient-specific treatment plans through comprehensive, integrated pathology and genetics evaluations
  • All recommendations you receive are based on the latest diagnostic advances thanks to AmeriPath’s professional staff continual training and qualifications
  • Optimized diagnostic and prognostic testing of the same specimen may:
    • Eliminate the need for additional specimens
    • Improve patient management and satisfaction by permitting an earlier treatment start
    • Reduce the requirement for additional diagnostic or prognostic procedures

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