AmeriPath offers you a comprehensive urologic disease management program focused on prostate cancer, bladder cancer and kidney stone disease.

We provide you the industry’s highest level of medical expertise, timely and accurate diagnoses and superior customer service to help you treat your patients effectively and promptly.

As the nation’s foremost provider of anatomic pathology information a services, AmeriPath is able to offer you an elite team of highly-trained, board-certified physicians who subspecialize in urologic pathology.

The AmeriPath urologic pathology team members, many of whom are fellowship-trained in urologic pathology and cytology, bring to you many years of experience in the evaluation and diagnosis of urologic disease. Moreover, they are available nationwide to provide you immediate consultation on challenging and difficult cases.

Urology Services

To help you with your unique needs and challenges as a practicing urologist, AmeriPath offers a combination of industry-leading urologic pathology and renal disease expertise and reliable genitourinary pathology services delivered right to your community. It ensures you always receive accurate and decisive information in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

What AmeriPath Delivers:

Quality Urology Services

  • Board-certified pathologists with subspecialty expertise in urologic pathology
  • Ph.D.-level scientists with extensive credentials and experience in their respective fields
  • National specialized pathology network
  • Cutting-edge laboratory technologies
  • Access to expert consultations through the AmeriPath Institute of Urological Pathology and Renal Disease

Direct Communication with Pathologists

  • Pathologists telephonic notification on clinically-unexpected or malignant diagnoses
  • Easy access to pathologists to review patient results
  • Proactive communications to discuss cases and/or to suggest the need for additional testing
  • Reports formatted for clarity and ease of identifying critical information

Rapid Turnaround Time

  • Rapid turnaround time, from specimen receipt to reporting
  • Courier pickups (most areas) eliminate the need for and cost of overnight shipping
  • Results immediately available via multiple reporting options.

Responsive Customer Support

  • Knowledgeable and responsive AmeriPath representatives
  • Centralized client services team with one-number access to:
    • Direct consultation with medical and scientific staff
    • Test information and specimen requirements
    • Courier pick-up
    • Special requests
    • Patients results and reports
    • Supply orders
  • Direct payor billing to ease your workload
  • Complimentary specimen submission supplies

GU Test Menu

Histology services

  • Prostate biopsy
  • Testicular biopsy
  • Vas deferens biopsy
  • Bladder biopsy
  • Kidney biopsy

Special stains

  • CK903
  • P63
  • P504S
  • Multicolor immunostain

Urinary/Bladder screening

  • Urine cytology
  • UroVysion™
  • UroVysion™ Plus

Prostate Cancer Diagnostics

  • PCA3 ProfileR™

Kidney Stone Disease Management 

  • Stone-A-Lyzer® (stone composition)
  • UroRisk Diagnostic Profile
  • Stone Risk Diagnostic Profile
  • Stone Track Diagnostic Monitoring Test

Consulting Services

  • Regional and national experts in Uropathology and Molecular Genetics