AmeriPath Nephropathology Center of Excellence

AmeriPath can serve all of your renal biopsy testing needs with fast turnaround times, a comprehensive test menu, and subspecialized expertise in renal pathology. You can expect timely and accurate results with direct consultation to help you deliver the best possible specialty care for your patients.

Quality Renal Pathology Services

  • All pathologists have fellowship training in medical renal pathology with greater than 30 years of combined experience
  • Expertise and extensive experience with both native and transplant kidney biopsies
  • Enhanced reporting, including diagnosis, full microscopic description, and photomicrographs for all biopsy reports
  • Relevant references provided in comments section in select cases
  • Primary and secondary opinion consultations available

Direct Access to Pathologists

  • Renal pathologist contacts ordering physician to discuss results on every case
  • Technology for nephropathologist to review slides with you via telepathology
  • Potential for participation in educational conferences at your site or via teleconference

Rapid Turnaround Time 

  • Preliminary results (based on light microscopy and immunofluorescence) within 24 hours of receiving specimen for routine cases or 8 to 10 hours for STAT cases. Nephrologists are contacted with their preferred method of communication for preliminaries
  • Final written reports (including electron microscopy) within 24-72 hours
  • Saturday service available for STAT cases

Responsive Customer Support

  • Centralized client services team with access to:
    • Direct consultation with medical and scientific staff
    • Test information and specimen requirements
    • Special requests
    • Patient results and reporting
    • Supply orders
    • Billing questions
    • Direct payer billing
    • Specimen submission supplies (renal biopsy kits, FedEx shipping labels)

Medical Renal Pathology Test Menu

Routine testing for kidney biopsies

  • Light microscopy, including H&E, trichrome, PAS, Jones
  • Immunofluorescence – can be performed on fresh frozen tissue or on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue:
    • IgG, IgA, IgM, C1q, C3, Fibrin, Albumin, Kappa, Lambda
  • Electron microscopy

Other available tissue testing services: 

  • C4d immunofluorescence/immunohistochemistry, performed on all transplant biopsies
  • C5b-9 (membrane attack complex) immunohistochemistry
  • Stains for classification of glomerular disease: IgG subtype analysis, PLA2R, others
  • Congo red/amyloid testing
  • Viral markers: SV40 (for polyoma virus), CMV, EBV, Parvovirus
  • Other infections: AFB, gram, fungal stain
  • Tubular pigments: myoglobin, iron
  • IgG4 immuostain
  • Lymphoma evaluation

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